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Buying a home is complicated. There are loans, closing costs, down payments, appraisals, contingencies, and much more. Just as homes are unique, so are the costs that come along with them. Home prices, property taxes, attorney costs, and interest rates can all vary depending on your area and in some cases renting may be more economical than buying. The enormous number of factors that go into deciding between renting and buying can make the process confusing. A real estate agent can help to unravel the tangled mess that is deciding to buy a home and the video below, from Khan Academy, can help kickstart the process.

As the video points out, the factors involved in buying or renting a home change constantly. Having someone who understands your area

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Here is a great article by United Van Lines about how to make the moving process as easy as possible -- article

But before you can start packing the boxes, you'll need a great realtor who can sell your home and help you find a new one, and that's what we're here for. So while you focus on efficiently leaving your home, you can rest assured that we will take care of finding you a place to leave for and someone who you can sell your home to.  

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This great article from shows some of the top trends in 2016 for your home. Whether you're trying to choose new cabinets, refresh the living room, or update your bathroom, this article will give you some great insight into what's most popular in the market to increase your home value and make your house look brand new. 

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It seems a trend is developing in the early 2016 spring market. If you have a move-in ready traditional type home in the right school districts here in East Cobb, you are likely to have a lot of showings and even several offers in the first week. If your home is not that home, the market has yet to begin. I believe activity will pick up, but not until after spring break, which for Cobb County ends April 9th. 

Here's to happy house hunting this spring!

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Here's a great article from on why 2016 is the time to buy- Article

Be sure and check out our Home Buyers Guide and Tools page as well here. 

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As we get into the heart of the spring, selling season, a couple of things seem clear here in East Cobb. There are very limited existing inventories and a lot of buyers who are looking for very specific types of homes within specific school districts. 

Keep a keen eye on how many homes come to market between April 1st and 15th. I believe that will mark the high water mark for new listings!

Easter Weekend March 27th and Cobb County Spring Break April 4th-8th I think will mark the last quiet time before Buyers get off the fence and inventory will be at its best. 

Just a few of my thoughts, 


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On behalf of my whole team at Matt Hester & Associates, I want to thank everyone who has helped us earn the award for being the #10 RE/MAX agent in the state of Georgia! It has been quite a journey thus far, and I am looking forward to the future as my team and I continue to help more people buy and sell their homes at the best price and time. 

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Why is 2016 a great time to buy a home? This article from explains the following four reasons: 

1. Rental Rates continue to rise

2. Interest rates are historically low

3. Clear Mortgage Terms

4. Down payment protection will be available

Read the full article below to learn more.

housingwire article

(image from

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Are you buying your home as a long term investment? Looking at the homes surrounding your home may prove helpful in making a final decision. While your home can be fully upgraded and meticulously clean, neighbors' property's can have an influence on the surrounding home values.

Thankfully, HOA rules can help prevent this plight to an extent, but sometimes a friendly neighborhood competition for yard of the month is better than having homes around you that place a low priority on curb appeal. Here's a great article from neighborhood curb appeal influencing individual home sales.

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If you're downsizing in your new home or simply trying to better organize everything you have, this link has some great tips on how to save space without breaking the bank.

The page can also be found at our Pinterest at Matt Hester and Associates.

Especially when selling your home, having it clean and organized can make a huge difference in selling price. 

We hope this helps! Follow us on Pinterest for more great tips and tricks to make your home the best it can be. 

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