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Suwanee, Georgia

Community Overview




In A Nutshell

Suwanee is a city of over 20,000 people located northeast of Atlanta. Even though, depending on whether you drive on the Interstate or take the backroads, it's only between 35 and 45 minutes away, residents here think that the local vibe is totally different from the big city. Among its accolades, it counts being called one of the country's "best places for families" and for raising children by Family Circle and Kiplinger Magazine and as one of the Top Ten Best Places to Live by Money Magazine.

Walking, Biking, or Driving

A car is an absolute necessity if you live in Suwanee, but when you're in town, you'll enjoy getting out on the more than 500 acres of parkland, and walking or cycling on the miles of trails created by voter initiative. There's plenty to do, with or without children, around the town center as well, including a year's worth of celebrations.

The Scene

You'll find a mixed bag of delights in Suwanee, even if it does sport an odd name. Mixed use developments keep it modern while more settled neighborhoods provide attractive and safe environments. The Gwinnett County School System, largest and often considered the best in the state, serves the city's students. Public art keeps the scene interesting with an annual exhibition known as SculpTour, and public fun comes in a lot of different varieties, including the American Craft Beer Fest in March and Suwanee Fest in September. Then there are Farmers Markets and Food Trucks, a half marathon and a citywide photo contest. You'll not be bored in this city.

The Backstory

Born on the river as a Native American village, Suwanee may simply be a mispronunciation of the word "Shawnee." Or, as one story has it, it is an Indian word that means "echo." Either way, its location near Suwanee Creek and the Chattahoochee makes it as pretty and popular today as it was in the early 1800s, when Shawnee and Creek Indians inhabited the land.


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  • Price$290,000
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  • Beds8
  • Baths10
  • Sq. Ft.15240
  • Price$6,850,000
  • $/Sq.Ft.$747
  • Median
  • Beds4
  • Baths4
  • Sq. Ft.3035
  • Price$600,000
  • $/Sq.Ft.$226

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  • Beds4.32
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  • Sq. Ft.3438.07
  • Price$761,310
  • $/Sq.Ft.$222
  • Low
  • Beds3
  • Baths2
  • Sq. Ft.1200
  • Price$330,000
  • $/Sq.Ft.$117
  • High
  • Beds7
  • Baths8
  • Sq. Ft.11667
  • Price$5,750,000
  • $/Sq.Ft.$492
  • Median
  • Beds4
  • Baths4
  • Sq. Ft.2968
  • Price$599,825
  • $/Sq.Ft.$221

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